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The Salem Farmers Market is much more than your traditional farmers market. Bringing the best in fresh produce, baked goods, crafts, gifts, jewelry, plants and more… Food, shopping and fun for all ages make it the perfect family afternoon. 

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A Seasoned Chef – Learn More

All-Natural, Small-Batch Seasoning Blends

Making flavorful memories has never been easier!
What is a flavorful memory? Flavorful memories are those moments we share with friends and family while enjoying delicious meals made with love. Making your favorite meal and having more quality time together is so much easier with our all-natural blends that take the guesswork out of seasoning your time together.


Anderson Mini Maples – Learn More

Since 1975, Steve Anderson has been producing pure New Hampshire maple syrup the old fashioned way, boiling down the sap over a roaring wood fire until it becomes pure maple syrup.

Try the maple candy and maple-glazed pecans, too!

Pssss…. Steve is also one of the markets original vendors and we can not thank him enough for being with us all these years!


Barkalicious Treats – Learn More

We are a small, female owned business. Having dogs of our own, my daughter and I wanted to make treats that are human grade, no chemicals and all natural, preservative free.

Since our dogs love real human food, we decided to take that idea and make treats that are made with real meat and real vegetables.

We hope your dogs love the treats as much as ours do.


Brookford Farm – Learn More

Through the use of organic methods, including a mixture of animal and green manures, crop rotation Brookford Farm offers a variety of products including certified organic vegetables, 100% grass fed beef and dairy, raw milk, pasture raised pork and chickens, eggs, lacto fermented krauts and kimchi.


Cafe El Camino – Learn More

When I lived in Puerto Rico as a young girl I loved to visit my grandmother because she would spend hours teaching me how to cook authentic recipes that had been handed down through generations. Our homes were separated by a long, winding road through the hills and mountains called “El Camino.” When I asked my mother if I could go to grandma’s house, she would say “go ahead and take El Camino.” This road separated us, but at the same time, united us.


Chickanella’s – Learn More

Handcrafted Arancini in a variety of flavors – ” Grab life by the (rice) balls !! “


Debbie D’s – Learn More

Debbie D’s mission is to help people eat healthy. Debbie D’s makes a variety of jams, pickles, relishes, and dilly beans. Their jams are all low in sugar and our pickles and relishes are all low in salt.


Dominique Lecomte Art – Learn More

Photography by Dominique and prints –

I spent my childhood in Rambervillers, a small town in the East of France, and I started quite early to write poems and short stories.

In 1985, after a two years sabbatical to take art classes at the School of Image in Epinal, I exhibit my first works, oils, acrylics and etchings. Then, after having obtained a Master’s degree in FLE and a DEA in Philosophy, I go and teach in Cambodia. I move to the United States in 1994.

It’s when I specialize in woodcuts or linocuts, mainly for lack of space to be able to do something else at the time.

Photography, which I had always used as a visual notebook, become the basis of my work. My writings turn to existential dialogues and short texts with photos that I decide to publish myself as books or blogs.

In 2007, I discover the island of Grand Manan in New Brunswick (Canada) and it becomes a regular source of inspiration.

I love the little things of life, the spectacle of nature, the lines and forms of the world, the mystery of cities. I use them to create images, to map voyages, to share impressions. Images, Voyages, Impressions, my business name, sums up this approach to my work.


Donut O’Clock – Learn More

Our Donut Story:

It all began with a late-night craving for something sweet and chewy yet light enough to melt in your mouth…
Next thing he knew, David, the man behind the irresistible treats, was making donuts night and day. Mixing and matching various dessert flavors with the fluffy clouds of dough, he started the quest to make the best possible donuts. Batch after batch he began discovering the secrets to perfectly raised and fluffy dough balls. Hand rolling each donut and frying it to a crispy perfection was not an easy task, but it was always the donut o’clock in his kitchen.

Sophisticated & Organic Products:

Donut O’clock has now perfected more than 25 unique varieties of donuts with sophisticated flavors made from scratch and locally produced in Creative Chefs Kitchen in Derry, New Hampshire. Our donuts

feature long dough fermentation periods which gives them absolute fluffy and cloudy texture. Using only organic and fresh ingredients we have achieved good balance of sweet and rich flavors at the same time keeping the caloric value at minimum. Eat without guilt!


Earth Cut Pottery – Learn More

Local potter Liz Johnson creates beautiful fictional pottery for you to enjoy, including cups, mugs, bowls, platters, and more. Liz say, ” My desire is to provide beautiful functional pottery for everyday use. I want to help design and create personalized products so that you love what you use. My goal is to create artistic and functional wares, to create something that feels and functions the way you want it to.”


F-Word Farm  – Learn More

Infused vinegars, probiotic drinks and hot peppers


Fabian’s European Pastries – Learn More

Fabian is a Dutch baker who specializes in making the best Dutch and European Pastries. He uses the best ingredients here in the U.S., and imports carefully selected ingredients from Holland that are not available in the U.S., such as almond paste and specialty spices. Try a taste of Fabian’s European Pastries … and enjoy!


Farmer Dave’s – Learn More

Welcome to Farmer Dave’s
Farmer Dave’s is a diversified farm north of Boston that responsibly grows a myriad of vegetables and fruits. While offering a CSA membership with pickups in many surrounding communities, Farmer Dave’s operates farm stands and participates in local farmers markets, school tours and pick-your-own apples. Committed to our food eco-system and keeping our community strong and healthy, we strive to keep our food sustainable and local.


Fly M Farm – Learn More

We are a female owned and family operated homestead farm specializing in chicken, duck, rabbit, and goose. Our mission is to bring a variety of good tasting farm-raised food to tables in the local community and build awareness of the homestead-farm difference. Live simply. Produce real food.


Fresh Start Farms – Asli – Learn More

Fresh Start Farms is a collective brand for immigrant and refugee farmers participating in the New American Sustainable Agriculture Program, a program of the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success. We work alongside new American farmers to bring farm-fresh ingredients to your table via neighborhood farmers markets and stands, wholesale, and our FarmShare and Fresh Start Market.

Beginning in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fresh Start Farms began to work with other producers and local food hubs from across northern New England to expand product offerings and to provide access to fresh local foods year-round.


Fresh Start Farms – Isho – Learn More

Fresh Start Farms is a collective brand for immigrant and refugee farmers participating in the New American Sustainable Agriculture Program, a program of the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success. We work alongside new American farmers to bring farm-fresh ingredients to your table via neighborhood farmers markets and stands, wholesale, and our FarmShare and Fresh Start Market.

Beginning in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fresh Start Farms began to work with other producers and local food hubs from across northern New England to expand product offerings and to provide access to fresh local foods year-round.


Holy Moly Snacks Beef – Learn More

Holy Moly Snacks is a business that offers high-quality beef chip for the people. We are a one-of-a-kind business that offers one-of-a-kind snacks. People love the beef jerky we offer due to its tantalizing and unique taste.

Regardless of your age, you are sure to enjoy having one of these. You can order one from our store now to enjoy the experience of tantalizing taste offered by our unique snacks. Our snacks are not only exceptional in their taste but are sure to satisfy your taste buds.


Hugs Broth – Learn More

Hugs Broth makes broth using organic ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. The non-GMO pastured chicken bones are locally sourced from Southeast, NH. Hugs broth contains onions, carrots, celery and parsley to achieve its delicious flavor.


Hurd Farm – Learn More

Hurd Farm, LLC is a small family owned farm located on the scenic Taylor River in Hampton, NH featuring locally raised all natural meats, poultry and eggs. The Hurd family has owned and operated the farm since 1923. Today they raise all natural grass fed beef and chickens and Heritage breed pigs. Their meats and poultry are fed an all-natural diet with no added antibiotics or other additives as growth stimulants. Their animals are provided access to green grass and sunshine on our farm’s 160 acres.


Joyberry Farm – Learn More

Farm-fresh gourmet mushrooms are ready and growing fast. They currently have lions mane, Phoenix oysters, blue oysters and shiitake! Occasionally they might have yellow and pink oysters, and will also have chestnuts in the fall.


Kirasole Studio – Learn More

Kirasole makes homemade accessories for you, your car, your home, and your pet. We have earrings, necklaces, rings, stickers, pet bandanas, even embroidered shirts!


Kittredge Farms – Learn More

We are family owned business supporting Southern NH community and restaurants with Produce, Veggies, Flowers, Fruits and more!


Kona-Ice 4 U – ( Summers ) Learn More

We are glad you found us,now we can introduce you to the Kona Experience! We are Bill and Tina DiBona from Southern New Hampshire. Kona-Ice 4 U is a locally family owned business. We provide the most delicious soft shaved ice with a fabulous flavorwave where everyone can flavor their own cup of fun! Give us the opportunity to bring smiles, laughs and lots of fun to your special event!


KRM Chocolates – Learn More

Handmade in New Hampshire using the finest ingredients, their luscious gourmet specialty chocolates are created in small batches and delivered fresh. Try their unique fruit & wine chocolates for a taste sensation that you won’t find anywhere else — or choose enduring favorites such as their mouth-watering chocolate bark assortments and decadent hand-dipped sandwich cookies.


KYS Food For Dogs – Learn More

We believe that owning a dog brings huge responsibilities regarding the health, and happiness of the animal and that is why KYS takes great care in producing food that brings out the best in your dog. Our recipes include, whole foods, such as grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, and organic seasonal vegetables braised in bone broth, ensuring complete nutrition for your pet.


La Peoney Deserts – Learn More

French Macarons;European desserts;Custom cakes and desserts;Delicious treats;


Mei Mei Dumplings – Learn More

Chef Irene Li co-founded Mei Mei with her siblings in 2012 as a food truck. “Mei Mei” means little sister in Mandarin Chinese and Mei Mei food is an expression of the Li siblings’ favorite childhood eating experiences as Chinese-American kids growing up in Boston. In 2020, Irene teamed up with Babson MBA graduates Alyssa Lee and Annie Campbell to lead the business in its transformation into a Dumpling Factory, Cafe, and Classroom.

Mei Mei’s unconventional dumpling combinations showcase our love for great New England ingredients along with a pursuit of what tastes delicious. We use pasture-raised meat that is sourced from the Northeast and work with small, independent family farms. We are able to source 70% of our produce from the Northeast. Since 2018, Mei Mei has been an “Open Book” company; we share key financial information with all staff, empowering them to think and act like managers regardless of their role or title.

Since the pandemic, the business has changed. But Mei Mei isn’t going anywhere; in fact, our dumplings are going everywhere!


Meta Microgreens –  Learn More

Meta Microgreens is a family-run and owned urban farm In Dracut, Massachusetts. They specialize in growing microgreens, baby leaf produce, lettuce mixes and wheatgrass. Their grow system is vertical, which allows them to maximize our grow space. Meta Microgreens uses state-of-the-art equipment to grow in a controlled environment year round. Meta Microgreens’ water is carbon filtered removing fluorides and chlorinates, and they use their own premium organic soil mix, only Non-GMO seeds, and organic seeds (when available).


Naturel Juicing –  Learn More

A Raw Juicing Experience
We offer carefully crafted fresh, tasty, nutrient-dense 100% raw cold-pressed juices suitable for any palette to detox, cleanse, hydrate, energize and boost the immune system! When you drink from Naturel Juicing you will be tasting flavors from all parts of the world: South America, Caribbean, Africa, & Asia while giving your body the vital nutrients that it needs to reach and maintain optimal health. Join the Naturel Juicing family to feel good and start take control of your health!


New England Fish Mongers – Learn More

New England Fishmongers are a group of jig fishermen on the NH/Maine seacoast that work hard to catch and sell pristine quality groundfish to the community. Stop by to see what’s fresh!


Pastry Dream – Learn More

Simply Magnificent: Do you dream about pastry? If not, you will!


Slippery Soap Company – Learn More

Welcome to Slippery Soap Company! We create a multitude of all-natural products for the whole family — men, women, children, new mothers and baby — and even your dog and cat! We specialize in making goat milk soaps, moisturizers, and specialty body “goodies” including old-time classics like Pine Tar Soap, Gardnah’s Soap, eczema salve, poison ivy relief, essential oil bug repellent, and even tick repellants for your pets!

Our moisturizers are made with ingredients like orange blossom water, mango and shea butters, jojoba oil, and pure lavender essential oil. They smell divine and work wonders on the skin. It’s nice to be able to read and comprehend the ingredients on each of the containers.

Every few weeks something new seems to be created, the most recent being our new Dr. Doobie’s Pain Salve With CBD.


Swallow Ridge Farm – Learn More

Small Batch Artisan Cheese

At Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company we produce small batches of artisanal cheese made with quality milk from small family farms here in New Hampshire. All milk is tested per New Hampshire Board of Health requirements and guidelines.


Made from the Freshest Local Ingredients
Local, fresh, raw cow’s milk, salt, cheese cultures and enzymes from around the world are the only ingredients. No animal rennet is used.


Tewksbury Honey – Learn More

Tewksbury Honey is family owned and operated by Julie and Mike Kelley. They proudly raise their own honeybees, harvest the honey, and sell it directly to their customers in its most natural and raw form. They employ over 3 million honey bees in fifty hives to bring you the most delicious, all-natural, award winning raw local honey from their apiary locations across the communities of Tewksbury and Andover, Massachusetts.


The Good Llama Company – Learn More

Live Magically, Burn Brightly

An intuitive and empathic child, I loved to help people, even if they didn’t think they needed my help. On many occasions I recall my mother dragging me along by the hand and reprimanding me for my rudeness as I unabashedly stared at people. My interest in people served me well, honing my people watching skills, I received a BA from Boston College as a psychology major and further enhanced my people watching skills as a teacher and now a middle school librarian in Amesbury.

While many girls obsessed over the latest barbie doll fashions, I mashed up Wonder bread until it resembled church wafers, poured grape juice into a pewter goblet, and lit candles in preparation for playing church. The only parishioner, my little sister, reluctant at best, visited my church for the “host” and the grape juice. Another activity was mixing up food potions and force feeding them to my sister, confident her greatest wishes would be granted.

My attraction to candles and trusting my intuition started at a young age. Bored by the adult conversation at the dinner table, I’d entertain myself by sticking my fingers in the wax and watching the candles flicker and dance, as if they were alive. My passion for candles was released when I received a candle making kit on my 10th birthday, and continues to this day. I light candles in my house every day because they are uplifting and they make me feel good. Recently I have combined my fascination with crystals with my candle making practice to create The Good Llama Co.



Valicenti Pasta Farm is a small company made up of a small group of people who work diligently to make beautiful fresh pasta, unique ravioli varieties, and small batch sauces.

Our mission is to grow, source, make, and provide good, wholesome, locally made, real food to our neighbors and the surrounding New England communities.


Victory Aquaponics – Learn More

Victory Aquaponics a greenhouse in New Hampshire that grows a variety of leafy greens and fruit bearing plants using aquaponics. Their lettuce, kale, chard and other greens are always fresh and they sell free range chicken eggs as well.


Wally’s Vegetables – Learn More

Wally’s Vegetables is a farmstand and specialty grocer. We have local produce when in season. We carry Polish food all year long. We also have a selection of ice cream and miscellaneous grocery items. We carry specialty items for holidays such as Christmas Easter Thanksgiving


Woodman’s Artisan Bakery – Learn More

Woodman’s Artisan Bakery is a small start up business dedicated to bringing you the freshest baked products possible using local New England ingredients when ever possible. They specialize in European-style artisan breads baked daily 100% from scratch. The variety of breads that they offer range from Country Boules to sourdoughs, flavored breads such as Loaded Baked Potato sourdough, Cranberry Walnut, German Ryes, as well as croissants, pretzels, and more.



Becoming a vendor

Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear from you!